Intuition Versus Intellect: HOW TO KNOW ONE’S TRUE VOICE.

Many of us who are aware of the inner make up of man are at a loss pinning down a particular thought or idea to the activity of their brain or intuition. They know that man is spirit and that this spirit is what animates the body and its functions. The chief body organ that co-ordinates all other activities is the brain, divided into the fore-brain, mid-brain and hind- brain.

The fore brain being the seat of consciousness, the so called day brain. It is the part of the brain concerned with thinking, planning and execution. It does the so called hard work. Its primary occupation is the transmission of external stimuli to the inner man where actual experiencing takes place. The hind brain, on the other hand, is responsible for the transmission of internal stimuli from the soul to the body via the bridge of the solar plexus. It is the seat of the unconscious or autonomous mind. The mid brain is there as a gateway between the two brains. It is in the mid brain that the impulses from within and without are stored as short term memories first, such that after futher careful examination by the ego, the outcome could then be stored as indelible outcomes of experiences or long term memories, that can be called upon anytime.

The spirit within speaks through the intuition. Thus an intuitive perception is actually the voice of the spirit talking to the carnal man. Every such impression of an intuition is a directive clearly depicting what the spirit wills. Coming from the spirit essence itself, the intuition cannot err. It registers on the back brain first, as picture effects, without words. It is from here that the impressions are relayed to the frontal brain for decoding, analysis, interpretation and inference.
In the normal course of the development of man, both the fore brain and the hind brain are needed in balanced activity in such a way that with the spirit leading through its intuitive promptings, the back brain actually collecting every such impulse, transmitting it to the frontal brain for analysis and interpretation, the brain merely remains a tool in the hands of the spirit occupying the body. The Spirit is the master, its brains are its tools for earthly activity, in the way mentioned.
The more active and conscious the spirit is then, the sharper and exact the actions of its immediate ‘personal assistant’- the back brain! The corollary here is that when the spirit for whatever reason becomes weak or indolent, the back brain suffers directly, because the negligence of duty on the part of the human spirit would necessitate a coup detat: following the potential decrease in the influence of the spirit, the frontal brain naturally assumes a place of prominence, becomes the centre of activity for the particular earthman so much so that even the act of decision making which is the exclusive prerogative of the spirit ego, becomes dragged down to the lot of the intellect.

Yet, intellect cannot lead, it cannot become spirit, since from the very beginning of creation it lacks the capacity to do so! Nor will it ever be able! The brain & its intellect is purely material, is bound to space and time, whereas that which truly makes man a living being- the spirit, originates from a sphere far above space and time.

Thus, the intellect became absolute ruler over the real owner of the body, the spirit. This is the adamic sin. It became hereditary of course, because subsequent births resulted in offsprings having an over-developed frontal brain, and a back brain grossly underdeveloped. This can readily be seen in the dwarfed size of the back brain, showing clearly the imbalance created as a result of the chequered activity of the back brain, caused by the lukewarmness of the spirit.

The direct, immediate results of this imbalance is that when the spirit does speaks, it is no longer heard, because its organ for reception- the backbrain, no longer renders the pictures of the volition of the spirit as vividly as it ought to. This too, is what happens in sleep consciousness, called dreaming. The weakened back brain delays the proceedings, thus giving the frontal brain no other option than to hijack the process of the transmission of impressions, thus, causing a double exposure of visual effects, like a double exposure on a photographic plate – the one picture represents the reality as transmitted by the back brain, the other, the reality as transmitted by the fore brain.
In day consciousness, the problem is one of even hearing the spirit speak at all. Yet, it is there always.

The spirit speaks first, and in pictures. That is the so called gut feeling or first impression, known to be always right. The intellect speaks much later.
The spirit is simple & plain true, does not tell ‘why’. The intellect however, is concerned about rationality, it asks questions, it wants to explain.
The intellect also speaks in pictures at times, but its pictures are not as lively and spontaneous as the pictures created by the intuitive volition of the spirit! They are created after much thinking and imagination.
The spirit never uses words in its renditions, unless they are words spoken on the soil of the spirit, which rarely happens for underdeveloped humankind. The spirit uses pictures. The intellect by contrast, cannot do without words.
Spirit animates! When its volition hits the body, there is an innocence of perception that overwhelms, and spurs to instant action. The intellect however, is full of drudgery and procrastination.
Wherever the spirit is active, there is beauty and harmony, no confusion. Everything leads up to one logical whole. The intellect is the author of confusion!
The spirit stands! It is light in weight and exceedingly beautiful. The intellect too can be beautiful, but often it indulges, and soon commits excesses, leading to bends, cracks, licks, e.t.c.

To train oneself to re-learn how to listen to one’s true feelings, is an uphill task that must be consummated by everyone who wishes to become normal once again. Patience and diligent practice is the key thereto.

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The Doctrine of Unmerited Favour

One of the weirdest doctrines in the history of the christian faith is the doctrine of unmerited favour. Simply put, it claims that God acts arbitrarily, that what he pleases, he does, and that it is at his discretion to bless one man beyond compare and subject another to infamity.
For those who believe thus, it is a matter of blind faith, has little to do with real conviction, let alone conscience. It appears there is an unwritten law forbidding the devout and faithful from applying even the faintest shadow of logic. The more faithful then, the greater the capacity to believe unscrupulously, so long as in the end the believer feels secure and great in the eyes of men, regardless of intelligence, education or social status.

It is not as though banal intelligence has got anything to do with understanding the things of God, no, genuine intelligence alone is of relevance, not intellectual sophistry.
It is not the brain that can know, but that which uses it as a tool- the living spirit!

It is only the spirit that is alive that can understand with crystal clarity what is truly simple, yet what appears ambiguous or mystical on account of the inability of men of the intellect to understand. Once this state of placidity is reached, the intellect enthrones absurdity to answer for its inability to evaluate properly. That is the state of affairs today, where pastors and other giants of the faith unwittingly mislead thousands. They all lost their free outlook when they allowed superficiality a place of prominence in their thought system.
Otherwise how can one explain the obvious want of logic inherent in such a belief? What makes the christian believer think that he is wiser than his God? The same God that changes not, the God that is justice in perfection, that makes every creature to reap as it has sown?

Unmerited favour! What a bundle of contradiction! Whatever a man sows, he reaps is the law! God favours no one, because God does not have any hand in the affairs of men. From the very beginning of time he set his living laws at work in the motions of creation. These laws are perfect just like him, therefore he has no need to personally bend down to favour one little “lucky” Mr A or B.
Whatever appears as favour is basically our incomprehension at work; we lack the knowledge of the hidden connections. These connections may date back to one or several earthlives behind, which the same human spirit, incarnating in different bodies had incured by acts of thoughts, words or deeds.

It lies with omniscience to prevent the memories of these past existence, but that is no proof that God acts arbitrarily.

There can be no genuine faith without conviction. And God is no longer God if he must act arbitrarily like men. That is the whole idea of hope and faith, that we serve a righteous, constant God.
Wherever illogic is prefered to logic, in our understanding of the basic principles of faith, there superficiality is obviously in question. It is far easier to say that God has favoured someone than it is to admit that such a one deserves it, even if it is not clear to us how.

God is not the author of confusion. Confusion is the mastership of man.

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Thoughts Are Living Things.

Thoughts are living things since they leave the producer to find an independent life of their own. They are planted just as seeds on the soil of ethereal substance, where they take root, germinate, and if tended properly, grows to undreamt-of magnitude.

One thing though, must be understood, namely that the moment you generate a thought or idea, it leaves you to seek out similar types in the cosmos, irrespective of time and space. This is the so called law of attraction of similar species. Every outwardly visible reality began as a thought planted by someone, somewhere, which latter person equally received his thought idea from sources unknown, though definite. At the end, there remains but a universal mind from which every form of reality is extracted. The reality thus has always existed, it only awaits similar vibration to let itself be formed by man.

Therefore, union is the living law or mechanism upon which all life hinges. It is the pre-requisite to power, to being! Similar thoughts seek out themselves, and in the manifestation, we see kindred good or evil. The homogeniety is in the thought, not in the outward form.

Virtuous thoughts, heavily re-inforced by what is similar, crystallises into conditions of love, harmony, peace, health and abundance. The reverse is the case for ignoble thoughts, they produce ugly, devilish and catastrophic results.
It appears then, that all emphasis should be focused on keeping the hearth of our thoughts pure. This means, let the mainspring of your every volition be rooted in the irrestible and unquenchable desire to do what is just and pleasing to dictates of the first Cause, God.

That is the living path to happiness.